COVID-19: This is an unusual time for all of us. It may elevate your feelings of being unsafe, and you may feel more anxious and distressed. You may also feel alone, as you socially distance or isolate yourself. Many of our therapists are offering tele-therapy, and the process is very easy.  Call today at 775-842-5669 to schedule a session with someone who cares.

Relationships can be a great source of health and joy, because they can help us feel fulfilled and connected with others. When relationships are in conflict, it can also be a great source of anxiety or sadness. As relationship specialists, marriage and family therapists focus on strengthening communication skills, improving your judgment, and increasing your own insight, to help you achieve greater connection and intimacy. The therapists have experience in a wide range of issues, including depression, family conflict, anxiety, loss, mental health diagnoses, and adjustment difficulties. They also work with blended families, which you know, are so common these days. Within the safe and neutral environment of a comfortable officea, they work with individuals, couples and families in a warm and collaborative manner. It's important that you build trust with your therapist and have a good rapport. They listen and help you make the changes you are looking to make in your life. We also offer medical management with a psychiatrist, and addiction services with counselors.

ESPAñOL: Nuestras relaciones personales pueden ser la mayor fuente curativa de la salud y de su felicidad. Nosotros nos concentramos en fortalecer las habilidades comunicativas y en agrandar el conocimiento de su propia situación para que así logre una conexión e intimidad mayor. Si busca una cita totalmente en español o bilingüe, comuníquese con Joy Grimsley al 775-842-5669. ¡Estamos a sus ordenes! 

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