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Joy Quanrud Grimsley LMFT EMDR

Psychological Evaluations

Therapist & Trauma Recovery Specialist

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Psychological Evaluations for Immigration Purposes

Clients are screened for trauma, emotional and financial difficulties, and extreme hardships. An evaluation is conducted to ascertain to what degree a client would be impacted by a hardship. Psychological evaluations can be instrumental in demonstrating that the removal of an immigrant would cause extreme hardship to the US citizen or resident family member. A complete psychological report can document the client's need for emotional support, care-taking, continued parenting of children, and/or financial assistance. Separating a family can have adverse effects on children.

Joy Quanrud Grimsley, a licensed marriage and family therapist and a trauma trained therapist who provides psychological evaluations for immigration petitions. 


The fee for psychological evaluations is established prior to the initial session, and based on how many individuals are to be assessed and are pertinent in the case. Payment plan is available. 


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